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God's Good news: 7 day devvotional

1: Colossians 1:13-23
The good news is about what Jesus did for us in order to reconcile us to God. It is the good news of salvation. You see, we were once his enemies, because of our sin. God is just and as a just God he hates sin. Because God is good and loving, he cannot stand those things that are evil and unloving. So there is punishment for sin. As according to Romans 6:23 “the wages of sin is death”. But the good news, the amazing news, is that God sent his son to take the punishment for our sins, to fulfil the ransom that we owed for our sin. This was prophesied well before Jesus’ death when the prophet Isaiah said that he would be “crushed for our iniquities…the punishment for us was laid upon him”. Because of this, God’s kingdom which is perfect, can reside in our hearts and we can have access to that kingdom. Because our sins that had once separated us from God have been paid for, we can approach God in faith, we can speak to him through prayer, and be guided by His Spirit.

2: . John 3:12-21
Ask yourself this question: Why am I saved? If your answer begins with “because I…” Go back and read this text again. The initial act of salvation was simply that because “God so loved…”. The entire plan for salvation stems from God’s love. This love, according to Romans 5:8 Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is a demonstration of God’s love for us. Salvation is not won because we go to Church, or because we obey rules or traditions, but rather salvation is won because of God’s love for us.

3: Romans 1:15-22
The Gospel is the power of God for salvation for all those who believe. The Gospel is about salvation from sins for all who would believe. While there are so many other blessings that come from this, including the ability to speak to God through prayer, the formation of the Body of Christ in the Church, the reign of God’s kingdom in the hearts of believers, etc, all of this is only made possible through our being reconciled to God through Jesus’ work that saved us from sin and death. The gospel reveals God’s righteousness. It is not about our own righteousness but about his.

4: Matthew 21:1-14
This parable is a bit of a mixed bag. Some might question how this could be good news. The master first invited those who supposedly belonged to his group of friends, however they didn’t pay him any attention. So then the invitation went out to those outside, the lame, and the poor, and this parable is very good news for them. This is amazing news actually. Jesus, in this parable, is telling us the universality of this good news. Where once the invitation was only to the Jews, to the circumcised, to those under the covenant of the law, now, the offer would be made to the whole world. For them, for us, this is good news. Unfortunately, the parable doesn’t end there. While the last portion of the parable seems to cast a very negative light on the parable, this part is very intentional. Jesus was speaking specifically to the Pharisees who would have assumed their place at the banquet, yet they came, unchosen, and without faith.

5: Romans 10:1-13
In this passage Paul restates the simpleness of the Gospel message and the assurance we have for salvation. He restates that all those who believe in their hearts and profess with their lips that Jesus is Lord will be saved. While some trust in their own lordship and their own righteousness, those who trust in his righteousness, through faith in him, not in their own works, understand the Gospel message. The rely on God’s righteousness not their own and they will not be put to shame and they will be saved.

6: 1 Peter 3:15-22
Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross and then by his resurrection from the dead he saved us from death. This salvation from sin was, according to this text once and for all. Gods innumerable patience and grace has been exemplified through this whole plan, through his entire history. The Holy Spirit has been working all that time to convict and turn hearts back to God. Through Jesus he has reconciled us to and turned our consciences and thoughts and lives to Him.

7: Titus 3:1-7
“He saved us, not because of what we had done, but because of his mercy.” In understanding this it leads us to a great attitude of thanksgiving. We understand how good he is despite how bad we can be. His Spirit regenerates us, makes us new, and he poured the Holy Spirit out on us because of his love for us. What an awesome gift, that not only do we receive forgiveness and eternal life, but now, that we are reconciled to him, he blesses us with his spirit, gifts us to serve him and enables us to understand him.


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