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Why do Christians go to Church?

Why do Christians go to Church on Sunday?

First off, this is a bit of a loaded question. In order to understand this you have to understand what Church is. So the Bible in 1 Corinthians tells us that when we become a Christian we become part of THE church. The Bible talks about lots of people who meet in different places but ultimately according to the Bible they all part of the one Church which is made up of all believers. If you read the letters written to the different groups of people in Revelation, it says that each is addressed to “the Church in ….” That means that there is only one Church that meets in lots of different places. Unfortunately, over time, the Church has ignored the call of 1 Corinthians to remain undivided. According to the Bible all believers are part of THE Church no matter where they go on a Sunday morning (or whichever day they choose to go). So, to make a long explanation short, Church is not a place where you go or a thing you do, but rather it is the group of followers of Jesus that all believers belong to. In fact, the Bible tells us that as a Church we are actually one body, that is how close we are called to be as a group of people and that Jesus is the only head of the Church and each one of us, through the Holy Spirit have a part to play in the Church and all of us have the ability to hear from God through the Bible.

The thing we do on Sunday morning is often called “worship”. If we believe what I wrote in my last post, then it follows that we are going to be pretty happy with what God has done. Worship is us setting aside some time to come together and remember how awesome God really is. During that time we sing songs and the reason we sing songs is because…well that’s what you do when you have something to sing about. God giving us eternal life by his grace is most certainly a reason to sing. We also do something called communion, and communion is when we come and we remember what Jesus did for us, in fact, he told us to do this in order to remember him. We break bread to symbolize his body broken and we drink wine (juice) to symbolize his blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins. This does two things. It reminds us of our need for Jesus and it reminds us of what he did for us. There is often a time of teaching as well, again, this time is to remember what God has done for us. In fact, everything in worship is about him and it’s about giving him glory.

Now, why Sunday? First off, I will clear up something. To Christians worship is an all the time thing, and in fact, the early Church worshipped together every day, and until recently (like the last century) most Churches met multiple times a week for worship (as some still do). We have nothing in Scripture to tell us that the only day we can worship is Sunday. However, because worship is all about remembering Jesus, most Churches choose to worship on a Sunday because Sunday is the day that Jesus was raised from the dead. It is also why we celebrate, resurrection Sunday or Easter on a Sunday. Sunday worship is an extension of the Easter Sunday celebrations.
Jewish people worship on the Sabbath which, according to the Bible, is on Saturday. We have nothing in Scripture to tell us that Worship has to be done on one particular day or another, in fact, we given instructions to not argue about which day of the week we should worship or when we do festivals or holidays (Col 2:16).

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