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Christian Soldier, Who are you Fighting?

A few days ago a man went on shooting spree at an abortion clinic in the U.S. In the past few days I've seen Christians try to distance themselves and to minimise the responsibility of the Church. It's easy, this fella was well known for having social and psychological issues and he had no apparent connections with a Christian Church. But at the same time, when I heard about this event, I was listening to a preacher from here in QLD preaching about how Christians are in a war to take cities for Christ and to take the culture for Christ and we needed to do this to bring about Christ's coming. His language was that of war but he preached that we were at war with the powers of our government, we were at war with the secularists and the Muslims. He as many others believe, preached that we needed to win the city and the country for Christ, and we needed to win it back from liberal and unchristian human beings. Rick Joyner president of one off the largest Christian media companies in the world recent stated that in the US the only hope for Christians was military take over. Evangelical Christians use the language of battle more and more, which is fine if we are talking about fighting sin and fighting the demonic, but too often our language and imagery of battle is aimed at people and institutions such as when a well known Christian politician in the US put pictures of her political opponents in Gun Cross hairs.

Wrong preaching and wrong theology lead, unfortunately to wrong practice. This language and attitude is a stumbling block to weaker brothers and in this way the teachings that come from pulpits and Christian media sources are partially to blame for these kind of tragedies and attitudes. Though the theology behind these events and the action themselves are entirely unbiblical.

We do not wage war against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces in this dark world as Ephesians 6:12. Jesus and the early Church existed in a time and place where there was a lot of awful stuff going on. Abortion and infanticide were common and acceptable practices. If a family did not want a Child they would simply leave the child out to die in the rubbish and this was acceptable. They made killing into entertainment in the coliseums. Jesus' teachings were clearly against this but he never advocated violence against the perpetrators of this stuff nor did the disciples of the early Church, even when they were the ones who fund themselves in the collesiums.

You see we are not at war against Muslims, atheists, pro-choice folks, or sinners we are at war for them. They are slaves to sin who need to be set free and need to know Jesus Christ. Satan is not stopped when Christians perpetrate violence on those who are slaves to him, he loves it when we exclude his slaves from our communities and our country because he knows if we exclude them from our company there will be no one to set them free. Satan, however, is most harmed when those who followed his lies are set free from those lies and saved. This does not happen through violence or exclusion.

Being an evangelical Christian is not about fighting those who are caught up in sin, nor is it about excluding them. It is certainly not about putting them down or separating ourselves from them. It's about saving them from sin, making a disciple of the worker at the abortion clinic, the Muslim, the Atheist by teaching them to obey everything Jesus taught and baptising them in the name of the Father,Son, and Holy Spirit.

While war is a necessary thing for nations and for the sake of freedom, we as Believers are not at war with those who don't know Christ, we are supposed to be the ones who set them free

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